The Consumer And Business Sides Of Google

Google is a fantastic channel to gain free traffic. It is truly beneficial for business owners, especially the small ones, to somehow level the playing field with the bigger guys. In fact, it has become a necessity to every household as the ‘go-to-platform’ whenever we require information at blazing speeds.


Who buys encyclopedia these days anyway?

But you know what.. just like any other businesses out there, Google is profit-oriented and vested on its own bottom-line more than anything else. After all, they have thousands of employees to feed and taxes to settle. Makes total sense, right?

But beyond that, what makes me think so, you ask?

Paid ad placements pushing Organic Results lower down the search results are becoming more prominent.  Hence, how such change affect the search ecosystem over time is relevant.

On the side, the not-so-recent developments on Knowledge Engine and entity/semantic based search is another gigantic leap.

So, what’s the cut?

  • Google is gradually shrinking organic search results so that advertisers lean towards investing more on Paid Models (PPC, GDN, etc.) in order to stand out from the crowd.
  • With the inception of Knowledge Graph, Google is to become a Destination Site (where people stay to consume info) rather than a Referrer Site (where people just search from and arrive to another site)

What are your thoughts? What online marketing strategies do you envision for your clients and/or business moving forward?


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